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What makes us different?

4 reasons why we're different from other design agencies working with schools, academies and trusts

1. We believe in results.

We founded the organisation on the belief that a creative project for a school is different. Any budget for a school comes out of all our pockets, and we all have a responsibility to ensure our next generation get the very best from their education.

We saw (and still see) poorly thought out and overpriced solutions that didn’t really deliver or completely address the challenges schools were faced with. Schools are busy environments, and rarely have a dedicated marketing resource. Even if they do, they still face many of the same challenges, and it’s these challenges that EdHQ was formed to solve.

Simply put, we help our clients deliver success for their organisation. From branding to web design, from large scale projects to a bit of friendly advice, our experience delivers cost effective creative and digital solutions that provide real solutions and where possible, a clear return on the investment.

2. The experience to deliver

We have a deep knowledge of your stakeholders - from parents and governors through to Ofsted - and intimately understand the education sector and the changes which affect you.

We have been involved with all the changes in education over the last decade; e.g. the move from Foundation Learning; academies, and the relationships between the trust and schools; school governance - the management team, directors; changes in funding. All this experience puts us in the perfect place to help you deliver your website, branding product or indeed any marketing and communication project.

3. We make the most of your potential.

We help you creatively showcase the best of your school - through a range of services provided with real understanding, and a flair for engagement.

It’s not about delivering just a great website or logo design, although we do handle this every day. We need to help you demonstrate what makes your school so special, and to do this we use our knowledge and experience to really communicate why your school provides a difference. Every school sits within a different community, your school’s parents and stakeholders are different to other schools but many things are the same.

It's a delicate balance, but it’s a fact that to make the most of your potential, a creative company needs experience and knowledge of the education sector, a great understanding of your school, and then (and only then) can we apply the real-world marketing techniques to make any solution a success.

We’re experts at engagement - from your next intake to their parents and guardians, from school governors to management teams we know the kind of information they require and the way in which to engage them. We’ve even helped schools with problems - such as difficult community relationships and even bad press coverage. Our aim is to support them wherever possible whether it’s rebuilding.

4. We’re in it for the long run.

We value relationships more than anything else. We're open and honest with each other and our clients, and our top priority is simple: to do the best work possible and deliver the best results to our clients.

Get in touch with Richard, Ian or Marc at EdHQ. Between us we have 60 years experience of working within education and delivering creative projects. Please call 0114 399 0212 or email