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Top tips for secondary school websites

1. Think about results.

We've got years of experience building websites and creative materials for secondary schools. Here are some of our top tips for improving your secondary school's existing website or for making your new website project a smashing success.

Don’t be worried about how you are going to achieve results, that’s a website development agency’s job. Instead, think about the challenges you have at present with your secondary school website and even the challenges you have communicating to your audience.

Write them down, and if possible place priorities next to them. Even if they are all priority #1’s this will help set the scene for your new website and experienced website developers with knowledge of secondary school websites should be able to help you from there.

2. Creatively showcase your pupils’ work.

Your pupils create great work every day, so use this to your advantage. Use your secondary school website to demonstrate this by using videos, school trip reports, achievements and other work from your pupils to reward them, and provide rich, regular content for your website. This ‘celebration’ of work is important, but it also communicates all kinds of positive messages to your next intake.

It’s also easy to do, if you have the right content management system and this method generates fresh content that search engines love.

3. Your website should be paying for itself.

Your website can actually pay for itself. To successfully communicate with your audience you don’t need a huge or expensive website, but it does have to be of a certain quality.

A simple website with a great content management system will enable you to create an efficient PR and communications tool which will pay for itself with the labour hours saved. Remember, the website plays a huge role in convincing next year’s intake that your school is right for them, so get it right and it’ll pay for itself

To get the other seven tips download our free PDF guide to ensuring a great looking, and hard working website for your secondary school.

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