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As one of the North’s premier training providers, igen deliver a wide range of training, careers guidance, and support for young people and adults. In a very crowded market place, the importance of delivery engaging and relevant communications is paramount and igen are keen to build a modern, local-focused bank of imagery to reflect those customers, enhancing their communications with these core customers and consequently break down many of the barriers preventing the young people from asking for support.

Aspire Creative used our in-house photographer and account management skills to provide a cost effective, bespoke photography service managing all aspects of the work from the planning, recruitment and handling of the young people on set to the photography and post production afterwards. To truly reflect the young people represented at the heart of the organisation, Aspire Creative photographed local young people and staff on key occasions including school shoots and a full day’s photography with students at locations across the city of Leeds generating a new and unique 1000 image database for igen and its future marketing.

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